Installation: We use the most sophisticated technology to nourish your plants and lawn with maximum efficiency. You'll be able to travel carefree, certain that you'll never again need to come home to find your lilies shriveled and dry or your sprinkler chugging away wastefully in the midst of a hard spring rain. The irrigation systems we use are wired to detect moisture levels in the soil and air and distribute the right amount of water right where you need it.

Turn On: Getting ready to come back to the Cape after a long winter in the big city? Want your garden ready to welcome you? Our conscientious professionals will stop by to put water in the pipes and get your garden growing. We'll also inspect your systems and ensure that all of your equipment is in prime condition and operating at maximal efficiency. We'll perform any required maintenance so that you can enjoy the full splendor of your garden from the first moment you lay eyes on it until you take your last leave in the fall.

Winterization: Cape Cod winters can be as cruel as the summers are spectacular. Make sure you protect your house and irrigation system by turning off the water and having the pipes drained. As part of our dedication to our clients, we offer a winterization service that will get the water out of your pipes long before the first frost touches them, so you and your garden can pick up right where you left off when the warm weather returns again.

Landscape Lighting

Low Voltage Systems: Offer the maximum flexibility in lawn and garden lighting. They're perfect for highlighting your favorite tree or rose-bush and can be adjusted to accommodate the changes in your garden through the seasons. They're energy efficient and completely safe for children and pets. Our photometric experts will install a safe, efficient system that makes your garden stand out until you're ready to lie down.

LED Lighting Systems: Represent the most efficient illumination you can get for your garden. They are super-efficient, using very little energy, while still providing the right accents and overall good visibility for your property. LED lights are durable, long-lasting, environmentally-friendly, and completely safe.

Yard Care

Mowing: Whether summer is your busiest season or your most relaxing, hire our lawn care specialists to keep your grass trim and even. You'll be free to take care of your other business confident that your lawn is being taken care of thoroughly and professionally.

Fertilizing: All plants need proper nourishment, and they'll get it from our fertilizer experts. We know how to select and distribute the best fertilizers to nurture and enhance the best qualities of your plants and get incredible results from your garden.

De-Thatching: The best lawns and gardens invite you into them, which sometimes means they get a bit worn down. We'll dispatch our elite dethatching teams to get that dead material off the surface and fluff up and revitalize the living grass. Thatch accumulation is a natural side-effect of lawn-use, but it must be removed to have your lawn looking its best day after day.

Aerating: Sometimes lawns just need time to breathe, which is the perfect time to give us a call. We'll use our high-end equipment to perforate your lawn, preventing the buildup of thatch by giving grass roots air to grow and space to grow in. Aeration relieves pressure on well-trodden parts of the lawn and gives water and air access to the roots that need them. Our aeration services are the perfect way to get even more our of our irrigation systems.

Weeding: We will eliminate the unwanted intruders to your garden with professionalism and efficiency. Weeds are a part of every gardener's life, but few can cope with them as well as we can. We know every weed ever to appear on Cape Cod and we know how to eliminate them.

Pruning: Are your trees starting to to get so big they're acting like they own the place? Remind them who's boss by bringing us in to prune them. Pruning keeps trees shapely and vital and is essential for bringing out the most spectacular blooms and delicious fruits from the trees in your garden.

Edging: Even the most enthusiastic gardeners have to draw a line somewhere. Make sure that line is clear and efficient with our edging services. We'll clearly and lastingly define where your garden meets your lawn, making sure the former has space to grow and the latter is easy-as-can-be to mow. Edging also enhances the definition and tone of your garden, so that you'll know exactly what your guests are talking about when they praise your "incredible garden."

Mulching: Mulching gives your garden protection from erosion, stymies the growth of weeds, protects your plants from bad weather, and maintains moisture in the soil so that it requires less water to thrive. With our professional mulching service, you'll have a more vital, lovely, and long-lasting lawn for your whole family to enjoy.

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